Integrate, Automate and Operationalise

Integrate, Automate, Operationalise

Setting Up Sidekick is Easy


Setup an account on Sidekick and add your team.


Connect Sidekick to your HubSpot and Slack accounts.


Replicate the workflows you want or build from scratch.

Update Meeting Outcomes

Sidekick messages you in Slack when your meeting ends. So you can update the meeting notes and any other properties, right from Slack.

Be on Top of Your Leads

Sidekick will keep a tab on your leads for you, help you prioritise and take action on them, all from your Slack.

Qualify and Assign Leads

Sidekick will message you whenever a new inbound lead signs up, along with all the relevant data you need to qualify and assign.

Solutions for Sales Organizations

SDR Teams

Be on top of your leads and take action on the most important ones, right from Slack.

Sales Ops Teams

Get report snapshots and implement sales processes for your team members in Slack.

AE Teams

Know what's happening with your deals at a glance, run everything without ever leaving Slack.

Get Your Team a Sidekick

Create an account and take Sidekick for a spin.
No strings attached, no commitment, no credit card required.